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Viagra reactions to insulin administration. In connection with the introduction of conventional or protracted insulin, complications may occur: allergic reactions; the appearance of refractoriness to insulin; development of lipodystrophy; the appearance of edema and hypoglycemic coma. Allergic reactions to insulin administration occur in at least 8-10% of patients receiving insulin. Alley and Scherer divide these reactions depending on their intensity into three groups. The first group includes cases when redness, induration, itching occur at the injection site. The second type of response to insulin differs only in the greater severity of sildenafil changes. The third group includes general reactions, ranging from urticaria to rare cases of fever, arthralgia, and sometimes anaphylactic shock.

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If you find a mistake in the text, be sure to let us know about it. To do this, just select the text with the error and press Shift + Enter or just click here. Many thanks! Thank you for notifying us of the error. In the near future we will fix everything and the site will become even better! It has been proven that the occurrence of a reaction to insulin is associated not so much with insulin itself, but with various protein impurities contained in the ampouled preparation. Therefore, crystalline, especially subjected to several recrystallizations, insulin usually does not give these reactions. In some cases, the reaction does not resume when using insulin of a different series or another factory.

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  • The occurrence of refractoriness to insulin, requiring the use of large doses of the drug (more than 150-200 IU per day), is also associated with protein impurities of insulin. It has been established that insulin has antigenic properties that can be detected in most people receiving insulin. The literature provides observations when the daily requirement for insulin was 11,000-13,000 IU. The introduction in these cases of insulin obtained from other animal species, leads to the disappearance of insulin resistance.
  • We, like many other authors, obtained a similar effect when using glycocorticoid hormones or ACTE in these cases. However, the use of these hormones to relieve insulin resistance can only be recommended in specialized medical institutions.
  • Lipodystrophy in the treatment of insulin are not common. Clinical manifestations of insulin lipostrophy are reduced to the appearance of atrophy of adipose tissue (retraction of the skin) at the injection sites of insulin. When insulin is injected into other parts of the body, lipostrophy also forms on them. Over time, often the disappeared adipose tissue is restored again.

The occurrence of viagra in a number of patients receiving insulin is due to the ability of insulin to fix fluid in tissues and, possibly, is also associated not only with insulin itself, but also with its protein impurities. Insulin allergy is an increased sensitivity of the immune system to insulin and protein impurities present in the preparation, manifested by the development of a local or systemic allergic reaction when a minimum amount of bovine, porcine or human insulin is administered.